Sunday, February 22, 2009

Child Fear

A childs mind is a great mind. The mind is great because they only have on what they want on it and don't have to worry about anything else. When I was a kid i was always scared of the basement if I was running from downstairs up, But when I went downstairs I was fine. I always thought that there was someone chasing me up the stairs so i ran and never looked back. That went on for a long time. It relates to the book in a big way. The monster I always ran away from is in the same sence as the beast in Lord of the Flies. It is fear that makes you act in a certain a fear that you have trouble getting rid of. The big difference is that I have adults in my life and the boys are all left on there own.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

semester 1Final Blog

This semester has been one of the most interesting english class that i have ever had. We went to the technology aspect and it was a success. I enjoyed doing wikispaces and blogger. Google docs and other sites helped me type my essay too. It was a good experience to use i will keep going back to these sites for help and to keep learning. There wasn't that many flaws about it either. The only one that i had a little difficulty was getting my blogger set up and getting it to mr.Ayer's blogger. As you can see i got that all sorted out. Making wikispaces were the best part of the semester. When we had a contest to see who had the best one it just made you want to work harder to get that and by working harder you learn a lot more about the book and about wikispaces itself. I hope that we will use a lot more of this technology in second semester; it really helps me out to do all of this new technology